Physiotherapists – Assisting in Your Recovery

Physiotherapists help your recovery after foot or ankle surgery. Depending on the kind of surgery you had, your physiotherapist might ask you to start doing your exercises right after surgery or you might need to wait a while for your foot to heal before you start moving it.

If your surgeon wants you to start doing range of motion exercises for your operated foot, your surgeon or physiotherapist will teach you range of motion exercises at your 2 week follow-up visit.

Range of motion exercises are gentle exercises to help you start getting movement back in your foot and ankle. These exercises are done with your foot supported off the ground, with no weight going through the foot.

About 6 to 10 weeks after your surgery, you usually start seeing a physiotherapist to learn more exercises. Your surgeon will tell you when it is time to start going to physiotherapy.

The physiotherapist helps you:

  • get more movement in your foot.
  • build strength in your leg and foot.
  • improve your balance.
  • improve the way you walk.
  • get back to normal daily activities.
  • get back to work, sports, and other things you do for fun.

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If it is easier for you, you can see a physiotherapist at a private clinic near where you live.

Most people go to physiotherapy once or twice a week for about 5 to 10 weeks.